We can help you recover your lost data!

Whether you have an old hard drive that has some sentimental photos on it, or a USB stick that has an urgent project on but just won’t connect, we can help you recover everything you need.

We can help no matter what storage device you have data on. We fully understand how important it can be to get this data back, and we will always treat it with the highest level of respect and urgency.

Data Recovery Prices

USB Stick Connector  – £25

SD Card Recovery – £25

Hard Drive Recovery <250GB – £50

Hard Drive Recovery <1TB  – £65

Hard Drive Recovery >1TB- From £75

PCIe Recovery – From £75

Deleted Files Recovery – From £15

Data Recovery Scenarios

Sometimes you may have just deleted a file by accident and it’s not in your Trash. We can help recover files using forensic software that can find files that were deleted years ago!

One of the most common issues we see is USB sticks not connecting to a computer anymore. Usually this is a relatively easy fix and we can normally do while you wait.

We can even get data from external hard drives that no longer power up at all!

Data Recovery Process

All data recovery processes can be explained by our staff outlining exactly what needs to be done in each individual case.

The most important thing for us is the security of your data once it is recovered. We can provide media to put your data onto, or onto a storage device supplied by yourself.

All recovered data is securely erased with multiple passes from our machines to ensure 100% customer data security.