We can repair almost any Apple Mac computer on the market!

Whether you have an older Powermac G4 that you can’t face parting with, or you have a MacBook Pro that you have accidentally water damaged, we can have you up and running as quick as possible.

All of our parts used in Apple repairs are 100% genuine parts, so you can be comfortable knowing that your machine will work exactly how it was when new!

Apple Mac Prices

MacBook screen  – Call for price

iMac screen (glass only) – £55

SSD Install – From £25 + part

Format (Backup & Re-Install OS) – £35

MacBook keyboard replacement – From £45

MagSafe power socket repair – £45

Memory (RAM) upgrade – £15

MacBook Board Repairs

MacBooks are increasingly being designed to be less user-serviceable, with many components soldered onto the logic board (MLB). Apple does not repair these parts, only offering a replacement, usually anything from £300-£900 for the repair.

Fortunately we can work on your MLB at a component level rather than replacing the whole part saving you HUNDREDS! We can repair the specific fault rather than replacing the whole part.

This is better for you, your wallet, and the environment!

iMac SSD Upgrades

The latest Apple iMacs are truly stunning machines, very thin while having some serious power inside.

Unfortunately many iMacs come with an older spinning hard drive that is the main bottle neck when it comes to performance.

We can replace that old spinning drive inside your machine with an SSD with no moving parts and have a drive that performs at anything from 10-30x faster than the one that came with it!

Unlock the true potential of your iMac!